How Board Portals Work & Tips on Setting Them Up for Your Company

Software for expediting corporate governance procedures is called a board portal. Board portals (next BPs) are built with features that may speed up decision-making, increase efficiency, and reduce meeting time for boards, committees, and senior leadership teams. Meeting management, digital agendas, minutes, approvals, voting, signatures, annotations, document storage, email, and surveys are frequently included in board portal capabilities. Board portal software, which has become a need in boardrooms, digitizes the corporate governance procedures that were formerly paper-based, transforming workflows.

Recognizing the Board Portal Industry

Because software has fundamentally altered how boards, committees, and executive leadership teams communicate, the board portal industry is expanding quickly. Without a board portal, communications were frequently done by paper and fax or using many tools rather than one. Prior to meetings, organizations would send out printed copies of their board books, and directors would gather in person to discuss the agenda. This method of handling messages was adequate until recently. But outdated paper procedures are simply ineffective enough to fall behind in the current world. Board books are hard to update and vulnerable to theft, and faxes are unreliable and have security concerns.

The volume of labor and demand for a digital solution have expanded in recent years due to increasing regulatory scrutiny, growing globalization, intensified competitive challenges, and more shareholder action. Many businesses have used BP software to adapt to the evolving requirements of boards, committees, and senior leadership teams. A BP improves meeting administration, simplifies the process of creating a board book, and tightens data security. If you want to know more information about the fuctionality of BPs, visit this site

How to Pick the Right BP Software for Your Company

Boards, committees, and leadership teams should consider their unique requirements, existing procedures, and potential improvement areas before selecting a BP. Consider these elements while determining whether a BP is the best option for your company:


BP software should be created with a strong security foundation and hosted in secure data centers to minimize risk.

Functions and Features

A board site ought to serve as a tool for promoting sound corporate governance. Utilizing BP features and functions streamlines corporate governance procedures, as well as board, committee, and executive leadership team cooperation and decision-making. It is critical to comprehend how various BP features and functions could improve the present processes in your company.

Possibly Save Time

Working more efficiently and saving time are common benefits of using a BP. If you’re thinking about a BP, evaluate your present procedures and the time it takes. The work of contemporary boards, committees, and senior leadership teams may be slowed down and complicated by manual and paper-based methods. By using a board gateway to digitize your boardroom, you can have more time to devote to other duties.

Potential Savings in Costs

A BP may result in organizational cost reductions relating to time, labor, and other out-of-pocket expenditures in addition to decreasing manual and paper-based operations. In order to comprehend how BP software could enhance financial performance, make a list of the present budgetary items. Review BP price to make sure that all features and functions are covered by the initial BP cost; doing so might end up saving you money.


Software for BPs should be flexible and customizable to meet the demands of your company. Examine if the “look and feel” of your BP depends on branding and message. A BP interface may be personalized with the logo and color scheme of your company. Check a BP’s changeable permission settings for user access to documents, folders, and group areas as another important factor.

Customer Support

The portal market may see a wide range of customer service experiences. By utilizing BP software that includes a dedicated client support staff, you may position your business for success. To have access to assistance whenever you need it, pick a BP supplier that provides 24/7/365 worldwide support. Consider a BP provider’s customer service accolades, such as those from the Customer Service Institute of America, as well (CSIA).


Adopting a BP may include a learning curve, therefore it’s crucial to have the right onboarding assistance and training. The onboarding staff of a BP provider may assist with adding users, creating board and committee group areas, applying custom branding, and providing continuous education and training. Also take into account any language and translation requirements that the onboarding staff of the BP provider may need to meet.


Reputation is a key consideration while choosing a board site. By assessing a provider’s resources and solutions outside of BP software, you may determine whether its staff has experience in corporate governance. Consider, for instance, its network of corporate governance experts and thought leadership contributions that address current trends and laws. Likewise, take into account the team’s years of corporate governance expertise.

ESG and Board Participation

Think about the other corporate governance services a supplier could give. Later on, choosing a supplier with a full range of corporate governance services may help to streamline interactions and procedures.


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